National Library Week 2018

This National Library Week I’m going to be celebrating libraries as much as I can, talking about how important libraries are, and, most importantly, paying off my fines so that I can start my new library year afresh.

When I talk about bookselling, I often hear “but what about libraries?” But libraries and bookstores are not really the same thing. People buy books (as opposed to checking them out) for a whole host of reasons.

Maybe it’s because you can’t keep renewing a book for an infinite amount of time. (Yes, I’ve tried!)
Or maybe it’s because the fresh smell of new paper and ink would be your perfume of choice if you could bottle it.
Or maybe, in the case of small children, it’s because a ‘lift-the-flaps’ book just isn’t the same without the flaps.

But I love libraries too. Maybe even more than bookstores.

If the world was suddenly full of rampaging apocalyptic zombies, I’d head straight for my nearest library – warm, quiet, full of brain-destroying tips.

Libraries are great for almost anything:
Skim-reading travel guides for places to check out at my next destination? Great!
Picking up a bestseller whose well-worn pages are soft from use? Nothing better.
I also use library books in my classroom, because they’re new, and free and awesome.

And that’s only including the ‘books’ part of libraries! Our local library is also a community hub, events center and refuge for ‘pushing through naptime’ toddlers!

Either way, sharing how much libraries are used and needed can help fund them. Check out I Love Libraries to offer support and get involved.














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